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... Beautiful smile and character, I know.

What's up, I'm Angel and about 5 years ago I wasn't in the best state of mental health.

My "Laundry List" :

Depression was a daily companion, Anxiety was the friend I carried around reluctantly, Going through a break up (you know the "one" that changes you?) , Feeling like a loser that couldn't get anything right, Peace was a mythical creature that was impossible for me to meet, Happiness? that's a good joke, and all while feeling like an external black hole we will call "life" was swallowing whole.

... In essence, I wasn't "Splendid".

I Just Knew One Thing, I Needed Help and Fast...

Professional help, Self Help Books, Courses (not this one, this one is cool), Techniques, and other questionable methods all gave me either:

- No Results

-Left Me Even More Confused

-Kinda gave me results but it was short lived

And Then Something Did Work!

(enter epic angelic music here)

I learned to feel my feelings (not just be aware they are there) and let them go!

Exactly how it sounds, I feel something I don't like? Do the process and poof! Depression was first, Anxiety came second, Anger and Sadness came after that.

Now don't get me wrong, I am an extremely skeptical person so I didn't believe it until

five days passed...

Some friends tested it and it worked...

Their friends that I had no connections with tried it and worked as well...

Then I had to stop being stubborn and finally accept this worked.

(Curious Serious Face Mode On)

So I had to get serious now, I had questions...

"Why does this work?"

"How does it work?"

"Is there more past this?"

Guess what? There was more!

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And After Four Years...

Hundreds of Comments and Testimonials from People...

Many Errors In Method and My Attitude...

This was born...

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What's so special about it you might ask...

The simplest and most advanced version of letting go your feelings? Yep, it's included.

Tools which are called Fields to completely collapse the learning curve? You got it!

A structured path that has been tried, trued, and repeated on more people than I can remember? Done deal.

Chat Support for when you're stuck? Ofcourse.

What I say is honestly unimportant...

Here's what others have received through the years

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Emotional blocks? Check! Now what about goals?

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Gustavo overcame his success blocks and 4x his business running a successful trading group along his own trading results

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Multi-Platinum Producer Ryu SoundMob

Overcame his blocks with his business as well helping his clients achieve their financial goals

Now For Some Truth...

The material they had is basically ancient at this point.

What they did in a month...

You'll do in a few days. Yes, that's not an exageration.

With Freedom, Here's what you'll get ...

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The 9 Core Skill Based Training Videos

The main difference with my past methods and this one is that by the end of it you'll know you built the skills to be independent. You'll get the same treatment I would give in 4 One-on-One Sessions.

($2000 Value)

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The Scales of Emotions Sheet

A guide that you can use at any moment as a general cleanse to be able to kickstart a whole new version of yourself when you wish.

($50 Value)

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The Freedom Field Tool

This is what makes this course unique and what will flatten the learning curve for you. If you want to do what I did in years in a matter of weeks, this is your way how.

($300 Value)

Now here's a little extra for you

Let's face it we all need a little help sometimes... Here's something else you'll get

Access to the Freedom Telegram Group

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The most difficult part of this path was being alone to experiment and get answers. I definitely do not want you to go through that annoyance, so join us!

($50/month Value)


Now Free. Enjoy.

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This material is not meant to replace nor provide professional help. If you are going through a situation where you require professional help, please seek help. By purchasing and using this course you're agreeing to take full responsibility for anything that you experience as a result of using the information in this course or any other in this platform.


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