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Self Mastery. Peace.

Limitless Potential.

If you are tired of trying self-development courses, spiritual or therapeutic methods one after another without satisfactory or permanent results, you haven't mastered Three Core Abilities:

Let Go and Feel Better,

Silence Thoughts and Be At Peace,

Discover The Self and Unlock Your Potential

The problem with most self-development material is

1) They focus on your mind and/or your emotions and forget the spiritual component.

2) They do not give objective results or take too long to give results.

3) After much effort, they provide only temporary results.

Alchemy of Gris is a full scale solution addressing all three with

extreme speed and simplicity

which you can instantly apply to all aspects of your life and goals.

Freedom will guide you to master the ability to:

+ Let Go of Feelings

+ Silence your Mind

+ Recognize Spiritual Identity (Self) of who you are

Instead of using motivational tactics to cause FOMO if you don't buy it

I will lead with the truth:

Have others gotten the results claimed?

What is required to get these results?

What resources will you have to achieve the same?

Let's talk about AvatarHao:

When he started the processes in Alchemy of Gris, he had come from years of being in an Ashram (spiritual center) but was still disatisfied with his results of reaching inner peace and recognizing the Self.

After he corrected his sticking points, this is what happened...

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This brings us to Requirement #1 which was AvatarHao's sticking point:

Follow Instructions and Be Completely Honest With Yourself While Doing The Work

Cheek Panda had the most common sticking point:

Experimenting with various traditions, books, and practices clogged her mind with ideas and caused her to forget that the only one responsible for her results is herself.

The only one accountable for all you experience is you.

But when she sorted out the situation, this is what happened...

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So Requirement #2 is:

Take Full Responsibility For Your Results and Be Accountable.

Stick To The Process.

They were able to break through because of Proper Resources.

Here is what you'll receive with the Freedom Course:

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Alchemy of Gris Self Guide

Essentially a handbook for life, this is the book I wish I had when I started my journey...

At 120+ pages, it is the culmination of my ten years of seeking and five years of research, experiments, observations on hundreds who applied my techniques successfully. It includes:

+ Simple step-by-step guides to emotional and mental mastery, self-realization, and goal attainment

+ Troubleshooting guides for each method

+ Straightforward, demystified explanations of everything involved

+ Holistic solution to the problem that most of these industries try to cover the sun with one finger when to solve an issue you need to understand and account for all aspects of the human experience, (emotional, mental, and spiritual) in a manner simple enough to apply consistently for measurable results

Consciousness Protocols

This is what makes AoG unique. Advanced Consciousness Tools that are made with the Light (frequency) and Love (vibration) of what we would call Source/ Creator to guide or give an experience. Imagine if you were handheld through an experience to gain direct understanding or ability. These will come in audio files.

You will not find anything similar to or as effective as these protocols anywhere else.

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Most importantly, access to a Discord community of people focused on results.

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The Grey School (Discord)

+ Live weekly instruction

+ Group meditation with specialized clearing protocol for mind, feeling, and self

+ Designed to help breakthrough your awareness issues and train three levels of difficulty in subtleties: Emotions, feelings, consciousness

+ Precision based troubleshooting and support

+ Join like-minded seekers in Ongoing 30-Day Challenges

+ Q&A for direct advice personalized to your unique goals, potential, and journey

On the Alchemy of Gris Discord, you will also access:

+ Catalog to premium protocols

+ 24/7 Meditation Channel

+ Powerful, free discord-exclusive protocols

+ More that you will discover for yourself


You will find stories such as these...

I_AM who did a 30-day challenge to beat his addiction and is 120 days in with total control of his situation.

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ricdaniel who focused on his body goals and general well being for his challenge

and had this to say...

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And later focused on his spirituality to achieve constant peace...

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Members using AoG tools for

+ Mental health & emotional wellbeing

+ Career and vocational goals

+ Physical health

+ Physical looks report:

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And much more you'll discover in the #Testimonials, #Daily-Journal, and #Atlas-Stories Channels

This brings me to Requirement #3 :

Have fun. Do the Work. Ask for Help When Needed.

"How much do I have to invest to get started?"

Here's the "catch"...

To be honest, I do this because it's fun to hear a person change their life.

I suffered a lot in the process to gain constant peace, bliss, and true freedom, and I feel a sense of responsibility to give others the option to fly through the path I had to walk and mitigate the suffering.

Considering the true value of what I am providing, a fast path to Freedom,

Happiness without Pursuit -priceless things-

Would you miss the chance to experience that

for less than the cost of one evening dining out?



You Have Two Options...

First: You can refuse and say something like

"If it was that good, it wouldn't be that cheap" or "too good to be true"...

Guess what... You're right. Freedom is just the beginning of what AoG is as a system, but I'd rather you have a strong foundation of feeling good, having peace of mind, and knowing your true potential before you touch anything else AoG has to offer. To make it even more ridiculous, I am offering a 30-day money back gaurantee if you are not satisfied with your results.

Second: Get started, put in the effort, and you'll eventually have a story like this one:

ttamdragon completed Freedom, used protocols in AoG, and created these results...

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Now you know the requirements to ensure results with this system:

1) Follow Instructions and Be Honest With Yourself While Doing The Work

2) Take Full Responsibility For All Your Results and Be Accountable. Stick To The Process.

3) Have fun. Do the Work. Ask for Help When Needed.

You also know that with the Freedom Course you'll receive the Alchemy of Gris Self guidebook which will be used through your whole journey of what AoG has to offer, access to the Chat Group, and Protocols needed to be able to attain emotional, mental, and spiritual mastery starting with the basics:

1) Let Go of Feelings that Weigh You Down

2) Learn to Silence Your Mind and Break Free of Stuck Patterns

3) Recognize The Self and Realize Your Full Potential

So if you can follow the requirements and you are really looking to

feel good, have peace and be all that you are...

Get Started Below

See You in The Chat Group!

Disclaimer: Any information and courses that are presented in Alchemy of Gris is not meant to replace professional help. If you believe you need help, please seek out a professional and/or services. By using and purchasing anything from Alchemy of Gris, you're assuming responsibility for any and all results.



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